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Neopost's business process automation solutions transform the way companies manage internal workflows, replacing a series of manual tasks for more efficiency, quality and resource optimization, while mastering regulation and improving customer satisfaction.


“We have a deep understanding of the challenges small and medium businesses face when considering the digitalization of their business processes, especially for managing their back-office documents.”

Alyna Wnukowsky
Business Process Automation

3 questions to Alyna Wnukowsky, Chief Solution Officer Business Process Automation

What does the business process automation market consist of?

Alyna Wnukowsky: Business process automation transforms the way companies manage internal workflows through digitalization and automation, replacing a series of manual tasks for more efficiency, quality and resource optimization. This is a great and growing market. Our software solutions help these businesses to optimize costs while mastering regulation, enhancing their processes and improving customer satisfaction. 

Out of the many processes that can be automatized, we target back office performance, starting with the invoicing processing system (order to cash or purchase to pay). Today, the automation and digitalization of the entire payment management process is a market valued at €3 billion. This market is rapidly growing, in particular for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes with an annual rate between 5% and 10%.

A key driver for this market is the transition from on premises to cloud-based solutions. As a more affordable solution demanding less IT skills, they will further benefit SMEs customer segment. This specific market is estimated in the range of €500 million to €1 billion going forward and, based on our own surveys, it is growing by at least 15% per year.

How does Neopost stand out from the competition in this market, in particular facing large ERP providers?

AW: We clearly have the legitimacy to become a leader within this growing market segment of business process automation solutions for SMEs. As a reminder, 80% of Neopost's existing customer base, i.e. in the field of mail, are SMEs. We have a deep understanding of the challenges they face when considering the digitalization of their business processes, especially when it comes to managing their back-office documents. They need to modernize their operating systems and methods. Cloud-based solutions are a perfect fit for them and this is a nascent market. 

At our SME customers' premises, 50% to 60% of the envelopes processed by our mailing and document systems are transactional mail. This includes invoices coming out of their ERP systems.

A few years ago, we started to expand our offer with output management solutions helping SMEs to prepare their mail and optimize printing, efficiently insert variable quantities of documents into each envelope, meter and rationalize postal remittance in order to benefit from discounts. More recently, in France and quickly followed by the United States and United Kingdom, we successfully launched our advanced Neotouch solution. France has had excellent success over the past years in helping customers with this web based platform.

Neotouch manages the output, customization and delivery of business documents through customer preferred channels, with a key focus on e-delivery, while ensuring compliance with regulations globally. Today we take pride in the thousands of customers we have in this area. And as they share their feedback on our solutions, we reach to the conclusion that we bring value to SMEs that want to be more efficient in their invoicing processes as well as to comply with regulations, especially in countries where e-invoicing has become mandatory.

What do you consider as the main priorities for Neopost's roadmap in the BPA segment?

AW: Our focus remains to offer the best technology for SMEs that have no IT teams to manage complex on premise solutions and that do not have process specialists, so they can easily implement and begin using the solutions right away. Leveraging our existing customer database and the feedback we receive from the marketplace, we will build on our current solutions to develop new Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable offers. 

We pay a particular attention to product usability, concentrating on streamlining the main process pain points that we have identified with the current users of our solutions. This includes integrating with ERP systems and managing complete invoicing workflows. We will support our customers in their transition to more digitalized processes, offering them at any stage the right solution, letting them flexibility to choose the channel that makes most sense for them and their customers - starting with invoices. 

Pilots have shown us that it is very important to get a modular solution that efficiently automates key processes with an easy integration into existing ERP systems. It contributes to optimizing their processes and reducing cost of implementation, which is a main hurdle as customers move along the journey to digitalization.

Finally, we plan to further develop our offer towards a full suite of Business Process Automation, extended to other ERP-related processes, including Order to Cash and Procure to Pay.

Helping SMEs to rationalize
and digitalize document delivery

Neotouch Document Delivery

With Neotouch, organizations can easily send customer communications via email, fax or text, in addition to traditional mail services. In a few clicks they can send either a single document or a batch job of thousands of mail pieces, personalize and track mail, as well as save postage costs by grouping all mail for the same recipient into a single envelope.