The promise of true customer experience

Neopost's platform Inspire supports two-way exchanges of content and data for more engaging and personalized interactions. It also allows organizations to easily integrate content and data from across their enterprise systems.

Christian Hartigan

“Our platform serves as the communication backbone that supports key touchpoints throughout the customer journey, the ones that have the highest impact on the overall customer satisfaction.”

Christian Hartigan
Customer Experience Management

3 questions to Christian Hartigan, Chief Solution Officer Customer Experience Management

How does Neopost contribute in the field of Customer Experience Management?

Christian Hartigan: Our Customer Experience Management success stems from our rich history in Customer Communications Management (CCM), built around Inspire, our award-winning enterprise software platform that is used by over 1,600 customers around the world.

For many companies, especially those in regulated industries, communicating with existing customers is often subject to compliance standards and the personalized content and data that are used in the communication must be kept secure.

Because of this, our Inspire platform is flexible enough to allow business users to intuitively manage very specific communication types, including the full range of digital communications, but it is also robust enough so that large enterprises can use it to compile and deliver tens of thousands of complex and secure communications every day. 

While traditional CCM solutions only manage one-way output of communications, from the enterprise to the customer, Inspire has evolved beyond this to support two-way exchanges of content and data for more engaging and personalized interactions. Inspire also allows organizations to easily integrate content and data from across their enterprise systems.

As a result, our customers use Inspire to provide an overall enhanced customer experience at those meaningful touchpoints along the customer journey where customer communication really matters, from bank onboarding, to claims management, policy generation, and beyond.

And a better customer experience leads to increased customer satisfaction and advocacy which of course drives better business outcomes for our customers.


What is your strategy moving forward in this market?

CH: To continue to grow in this fast-changing market, our strategy is based on three pillars. First, there is still significant opportunity for growth in our existing market. We will continue to focus on our core vertical targets (Service Providers, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare) while selectively expanding into additional verticals that have similar requirements, including potentially Utilities, Telecommunications, Government, etc.

The second pillar is to continue investing on top of our platform and help our clients expand beyond the traditional CCM use case, specifically by providing new cloud-based services and SaaS offerings. And the third pillar of our strategy is to further leverage our existing expertise in our core targeted industries by focusing our capabilities more and more around those specific touch points along the customer journey that have an oversized impact on customer satisfaction. 

By offering advanced capabilities to our clients, through better data and content exchange with other systems that allow for more contextualized personalization and better orchestration of the interactions at those touchpoints, Inspire will become the backbone of the customer experience ecosystem that our customers need to drive their business forward. 

What developments can we expect in the CCM market?

CH: According to market analysts, the Customer Communications Management market is worth approximately $1 billion, growing at a low single digit rate every year. We have opportunity to continue to consolidate within this market as we have been doing for years. But in addition to that, as we continue to innovate and invest beyond the traditional CCM use case, we are helping our clients deliver on the promise of true Customer Experience in a customer-centric, digital and omni-channel world.

We believe this extended market potential is in the range of $2 billion to $3 billion a year, with a higher growth rate than the traditional CCM market. We are looking at very exciting times ahead.

One platform to deliver multiple personalized
omni-channel communications

Use case: Michelin

Michelin, the leader in tire technology based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, needed to rethink how they communicate with customers across email, SMS and paper. They were facing several IT and business challenges while bringing into place a new customer communications platform. By choosing Inspire, in partnership with systems integrator CGI Bordeaux, Michelin could bring omni-channel communications to life at epic speed, from kick-off up to the initial production launch.